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Founded in 1958 by visionary pioneer broadcaster, Ed Craney, entrepreneur and philanthropist, the Greater Montana Foundation works to expand quality broadcasting in Montana, by funding television and radio programs, webcasts and other electronic media,  produced, featuring, or about Montana and its people.  In a competitive grant application process, grants are awarded to commercial stations,  as well as nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.

In partnership with the Montana Broadcasters Association, GMF funds the annual E.B. Craney awards for excellence in broadcasting and continuing professional education for its members.

In addition, the Greater Montana Foundation provides funding to the radio and television department of the School of Journalism at the University of Montana for a variety of student projects and productions. GMF also funds an annual scholarship for two students at the Montana State University School of Film and Photography.

To apply for a grant from the Greater Montana Foundation, please download our 2016 Grant Application form. If you’re applying for a commercial grant, please note that we accept commercial grant applications at any time, which you can download here.

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August 29, 2015 |

Commercial Station Grants and Partnerships 2012- July, 2015

2015 KXLF Communications: $30,000 to support a documentary about the history of “Our Lady of the Rockies” to premier at the 30th anniversary program in Butte, fall, 2015, to educate and inform Montanans and visitors about the important background of the creation of the statue. KRTV-KXLF TV: $4100 for “On Special Assignment:  National Police Week,” for travel to Washington, D.C. during National Police Week for the Cascade Co. Sheriff’s office and the family of fallen deputy Joe Dunn, who was killed last August during the high-speed pursuit of a suspect. Dunn’s name was added to the National Officers’ Memorial. Sheriff Edwards also attended seminars helping him to train his officers to cope with such tragic...

January 17, 2015 |

2014 Grants by Town

2014 GREATER MONTANA FOUNDATION GRANTS BY TOWN  GMF awards over $300,000 in grants BILLINGS MusEco Media and Education:  $5000 to support American Indian Musician Profiles, a series of brief videos featuring accomplished Montana American Indian musicians, their music and stories.  These will be compiled into longer programs for broadcast and included in the Office of Public Instruction’s existing curriculum offerings on American Indian musicians. KULR-8 News, Cowles Montana Media:  $8250 for Stopping Traffic:  A Fight for Hope and Freedom, an hour long documentary and preview stories about the critical and tragic issue of human trafficking in Montana, recounting current efforts to combat it by state leaders, including legislators, law enforcement and others, who are...

September 5, 2013 |

Grants Awarded 2013

2013  GRANTS AWARDED   (By community, statewide grants listed where organization HQs are established)   Billings MusEco Media and Education Project:  $2,000 for Green Smarts with the Green Man, an on-going TV program of one minute interstitials focused on a lighthearted, positive conservation message. Bonner Montana Broadcasters Association:  $30,525 for the annual EB Craney “Excellence in Broadcasting” awards and $6500 Montana News Share,  a new venture, an interactive web-based service, where TV and radio producers and independent producers can upload news and other programs to share with other stations. Bozeman Center for Independent Documentary:  $10,000 as a second grant for Life Interrupted, a national educational documentary feature film about breast cancer that chronicles the experiences...

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