June 30th, 2013


MusEco Media and Education Project:  $2,000 for Green Smarts with the Green Man, an on-going TV program of one minute interstitials focused on a lighthearted, positive conservation message.


Montana Broadcasters Association:  $30,525 for the annual EB Craney “Excellence in Broadcasting” awards and $6500 Montana News Share,  a new venture, an interactive web-based service, where TV and radio producers and independent producers can upload news and other programs to share with other stations.


Center for Independent Documentary:  $10,000 as a second grant for Life Interrupted, a national educational documentary feature film about breast cancer that chronicles the experiences of four breast cancer survivors, including the filmmaker herself, responding with honesty, dignity, grace and humor through varying stages of the disease.  Two of the survivors are Montanans, reflecting a Montana perspective.

Friends of Montana Public Broadcasting System:  $48,000 to continue support for a number of Montana PBS programs, including Backroads of Montana, 11th and Grant, and several new documentaries, including a series of three hour long programs about Charlie Russell and Boomtown Country, a portrait of Montana’s boom and bust economy.

KGLT   $5000 for Montana Medicine Show, a program produced at the studios of KGLT 91.9FM at Montana State University, containing two minute oral vignettes of history and interviews connecting us to our state's past, present and future.

Montana State University School of Film and Photography:  $2,000 for the Hugh Galusha-Ed Craney scholarship award.

Universal Vision,  $1500, the second grant  for Universal Voices,  a series of documentaries featuring musicians around the world and highlighting musical diversity, with compelling characters and an intricate storyline.


MAPS Media Institute, $4000 for the after-school program serving five communities in Ravalli County; a public/private partnership combining arts education (film, video, design and music) vocational training and on-the-job experience for students grades 8 through 12.

Great Falls

History Museum of Great Falls:  $7500 for Under the Big Stack: The Great Falls Smelter Remembered, a documentary offering a provocative history lesson in labor-management, community, the shift from farming to manufacturing, one industry towns and the ability to unite during a crisis such as World War 11.  It will feature rare film from inside the smelter and interviews with remaining smelter workers.


Helena Civic TV: $10,000 for Global Civics Roundtables, part of the Global Civics Initiative, a constellation of interrelated multi-media projects devoted to the exploration of citizenship in the 21st century.   This series of 13, hour long programs will feature a topic to be included in a future televised course for institutions of higher learning in Montana.

Home Ground News: Changes and Choices in the American West,  $10,000 in continued support for Brian Kahn’s statewide award-winning public affairs radio program which features in-depth interviews with Montanans whose life experiences enrich the listeners’ understanding of our cultural heritage.

Montana Historical Society:   $33,475 of a $600,000 six-year pledge to support Museum modernization and expansion, including establishment of the E.B. Craney studio and broadcast production facilities at MHS.

Montana Preservation Alliance:  $5000 for Land of Many Nations: A Montana Ethnic Atlas, a new project to gather and share through a web-based interface the compelling stories of Montana’s history and the interweaving of cultures that populated and settled our state.


University of Montana Department of Radio-Television. $26,500 in continued support for a number of programs, including student summer internships, the annual student documentary, and other on-going productions such as  Business: Made in Montana, and Montana Journal, a 30 minute TV news magazine.

University of Montana Broadcast Media Center.  $10,000 in continued funding for Montana Public Radio News, which provides local news programming on Montana Public Radio.

University of Montana O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West. $5,000 for Mountain West News (formerly Headwater News)  a daily on-line web-based aggregator news service focused on important issues in the region, with daily news summaries and links to important news stories.  $10,000 for Mountain West Voices, radio and multi-media stories produced by Clay Scott, Helena, about Montana individuals and communities, whose goal is to connect Montanans to the place they live and to each other.

General Grants

General grants are available for nonprofits and others: for film, TV programs, documentaries, videos, webinars, etc. with applications due annually on April 1 and awards made in June.

Commercial Grants

A major goal for GMF’s founder, Ed Craney was to improve commercial broadcasting in the state. There is no deadline for grant applications from commercial stations if you can demonstrate that this is an urgent and critical issue & production is time-limited