Legacy Broadcasters Initiative

The Greater Montana Foundation (GMF) was founded in 1958 by pioneer broadcaster and philanthropist Ed Craney to benefit the people of Montana through the improvement of broadcasting in the state. Mr. Craney’s vision was to encourage and energize Montana Broadcasters to better serve their communities and provide a level of community service that could not be matched by any other entity. Established with a permanent endowment, the GMF provides annual grants “encouraging communications, with an emphasis on electronic media, on issues, trends and values of importance to present and future generations of Montanans.”

Over the years, there have been many broadcasters in this state that have devoted their professional lives to Mr. Craney’s vision and have exemplified the role of community service through quality programming, public service, professionalism and integrity. In 2012, the Board of Directors of the Greater Montana Foundation voted to provide a lasting legacy to as many of these broadcasters as possible through the Legacy Broadcasters Initiative.

Together with the Montana Historical Society, the Legacy Broadcasters Initiative hopes to provide a glimpse into the lives and contributions of these outstanding men and women, and preserve their legacy for future generations of broadcasters to emulate. The interviews you will see are available on the websites of the Greater Montana Foundation and Montana Historical Society and will be archived for future generations by the Montana Historical Society.

Throughout the years, we will add to the list, the names of many other Montana broadcasters who make a difference in their communities and state and continue the Craney tradition of excellence. The Greater Montana Foundation is proud to salute these outstanding broadcasters through the Legacy Broadcasters Initiative.

Randy Morger-Chairman, 2011-2015
Greater Montana Foundation
Monty Wallis-Director
Chairman-Legacy Initiative

The Greater Montana Foundation thanks Scripps and their Television stations throughout Montana for providing studio, production and edit facilities for the Legacy Broadcasters Initiative interviews. Without their generous support, this project would not have been possible.

The Legacy Project of the Greater Montana Foundation is produced in coordination with the Montana Historical Society. Many thanks to all who work and donate to MHS and its great work.