Who We Are

E.B. (“Ed”) Craney founded the Greater Montana Foundation in 1958 and continued to fund it until his death in 1991.
Historical Documents Relating To The Basic Purpose of The Greater Montana Foundation
Undated letter to GMF’s Board of Trustees from Ed Craney
Letter from Ed and Connie Craney dated October 3, 1963

Memo written about the scope and purpose of The Greater Montana Foundation, dated December 18, 1984. (NOTE: The author of this memo is not indentified in the text of the document, but some evidence suggests that the author was the late Peter Meloy, who was Mr. Craney’s attorney and is believed to have been a Trustee of the Greater Montana Foundation at the time that the memo was written)

Historical Documents Relating To E.B. “Ed” Craney

“Ed Craney: The Voice of Montana” A 25-page unpublished thesis by Scott Parini with photographs used through permission of the Montana Historical Society Research Center.

“Messenger of the New Age: Station KGIR in Butte” by Mary Murphy, Magazine of Western History, August 1989, pages 52 to 63.