Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder began his broadcasting career while attending the University of Montana in Missoula, as a part-time radio announcer for KGVO, with a morning show called “Dippy Dan On Top Of the Garbage Can at the City Dump”. Graduating with a B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy, he then worked in broadcasting in Bozeman and Great Falls.

In 1955 he built KBGF, the 4th radio station in Great Falls and in 1958 KRTV the 2nd TV Station. In 1962 Dan and Paul Crain bought KGHL AM & TV in Billings, sold off KGHL AM, changed TV call letters to KULR. He also built and invested in several business enterprises, including remodeling the Old Milwaukee Depot and with 4 investors built the Village Bank in the Holiday Village Shopping center in Great Falls.

Dan married Debbie in 1978 and they moved to Los Angeles where he was Western VP for Broadcast Marketing Company. He returned to Montana in 1980 and spent the next 13 years supervising radio properties for Western Broadcasting Company.

In 1993 he and Debbie moved to Kalispell where he produced trade shows and in 2001 joined Anderson Broadcasting Company. He and Debbie purchased Flowers by Hansen, which Debbie manages. Dan has been semi-retired since 2011.

Dan has served as president of the Great Falls Rotary Club, the Great Falls Advertising Federation, the Helena Advertising Federation the Helena Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Montana Broadcasters Association. Dan is honored to be a member of the Montana Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Dan serves on the board of the Kalispell Downtown Association and the City Airport Board. Dan is an elder of First Presbyterian Church. Dan enjoys spending time with his family including his six grandchildren.

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